Each show Model Icon exclusively hand picks designers to showcase on our runway and in our magazine. The quality of their art and professionalism are critical, yet not the only concern. Our designers are energized, capable artists who are actively carving out their own place in a highly competitive industry. Our promise to them is more than simply gaining visibility or access to properly trained models; we do branding.

The designers who grace our runway and are featured in our magazine are establishing their brand in a place of professionalism and tact; a welcome refuge in a world overrun with careless amateurs and meaningless commercialism. Here is a place where creating art is taken beyond being a job or even career. At Model Icon fashion is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that fits all sizes, every shape, and knows no barrier. Every designer in our shows is given a spotlight on the runway, and the opportunity to speak their thoughts to the audience directly.

I felt very honored when Sherrie Gearheart asked me to participate in the Model Icon show. I have shown my couture collections in several shows, including one in New York, so I had my own idea how everything should be. When Sherrie told me that there’s going to be an interview at the end I became nervous/excited/nervous. I’ve never done that. Thank God I was in drama club at my secondary school.

The possibility to see my own models perfecting their walks wearing my garments was very new and exciting experience. I have never seen my own models on the catwalk before so I got to experience that. But that was not all, because I was standing behind my models behind the guests waiting for my turn to get on the stage and could admire the stage, the beautiful lights and how professionally my collection was presented. Goosebumps.

The biggest surprise was to get awarded. That award validated for me all those hours spent in my studio, many of them questioning my sanity. Thank you everyone who worked on this show.

-Dovile Riebschlager

I participated in the Model Icon fashion showcase in January 2020. I think fashion and events are a part of Sherrie Gearheart’s DNA because she executes every show flawlessly. My pieces come to life on her runways. In addition to participating in the show, I was awarded the Inspirational Artist Award, which was a surprise and an honor. I highly recommend Model Icon to any designer needing platform to showcase their designs. 

– Erial Ramsey, e.dele

My experience as a Model Icon designer was incredible. I had the honor of partnering with Natalia Marie the owner of PranaMaker. This show was so special because it was very first Model Icon show. This was one of the Most amazing experiences because it allowed the audience to be able to truly connect with each designer. It allowed the models to get proper time so that they could get multiple photos on and off the runway. This show let models and designers come together to create something beautiful and everyone was given their proper shine. No one felt like they were in the background for the 1st time ever. The best part about Model Icon Was that the show was short yet powerful. Models of all sizes and complexions were showcased and appreciated

– Danielle Carroll

In my experience showcasing for Model Icon was well-thought-out, and it is a good way for independent designers to present themselves. For the owner to present me with the “Most Influential Designer Award” I was elated because my work was recognized, as well as my message for plus size women. I felt like there was a chance for my voice to be heard and for my designs to speak on the runway and I greatly appreciate it.

-Sasha Walton


Yasmine C.

My Experience modeling for Model Icon Inc, was phenomenal. It truly was an honor to walk for Oyaa Eiram by Patoya Marie.

I’m so glad I had the chance to embrace my uniqueness and rock my curves on the runway.

Yasmine M.

Participating in the Model Icon fashion show was a wonderful experience. I felt proud to be among such a talented group of individuals. Of course, wearing a design from the collection of Mario and Jorge of MJ designs was a complete honor. Being part of the model squad was fun right from rehearsal to runway.

I walked away with some great tips from Sherrie Gearheart. She really makes you feel confident and comfortable no matter what stage of modeling you are in. I can’t wait for the next show in 2021 and look forward to working with everyone again in such a loving environment!

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