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Pageant Interview Guide

Sherrie Gearheart

I know what it feels like while preparing for the dreaded interview phase of the competition. Been there, done that. I have coached with different instructors, top communications experts, while preparing for Miss America and other competitions around the world. I went from being nervous and scared of the private interview and onstage question, to now being fully energized and open for the opportunity to tell the judges who I am and what I am about.

Step one to succeeding in the interview is exploration. This very basic step starts with exploring your thoughts and writing them down, to combat the fear, nervousness, and even low self-esteem which some of us face when it comes to opening up about who we are to total strangers. Eventually, as you get to know yourself and find your inner voice, you will be able to speak extemporaneously. Do not worry. This eBook is here to help you work through that first step, so you can be on your way to knowing who you really are and how you feel about important questions the judges will ask!

This eBook covers 7 important interview topics that arise in the pageant interview: your platform/cause, the pageant system of your choice, personal questions, fun/silly topics, and abstract questions that may arise. Because I want you to do your best and since you never know when a judge will throw in a serious question (even when the director asks them to refrain from doing so), I included 80 bonus political and current events questions. You will find, throughout this training manual, some of the questions worded in different ways to help your mind re-frame your thought process. I know firsthand the hardwork, dedication, and preparation that goes into getting ready for the pageant of your dreams. This is a wonderful tool that you can download and take with you on the plane, at a coffee shop, and you can use it in the comfort of your own home.

It is my hope you do more than just answer the questions. It is my hope that you start to develop your marketing plan of action, so when you win the title of your dreams you are thus ready to cease every opportunity. It is my dream that you create an attainable plan of action now so you can make your mark in the world. This eBook is here to help you take that first step in gaining the confidence you need to win the title of your dreams. Preparation is the key to cease the moment of your dreams and enables you to turn it into a reality.

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Sherrie Gearheart

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