Model Icon is designed around the concept of modeling; all of our services are created with the intention of boosting the careers of our clients, and promoting fashion as a healthy and empowering lifestyle. We offer training workshops, private consultation, eBooks, and our very own runway fashion shows with leading designers. Our clients expect more than guidance and information from us, we are here to help them build a brand.

Training Workshops

It takes more than one “walk” to be model! Our training sessions provide education from veterans in the industry who give tips for success and help our clients know what to look for, and how to succeed in a highly competitive workplace.

Each person also receives personalized and group practice on poses and walks of a variety of types, with emphasis on what they can practice at home to hone their talents.

eBooks (Coming soon)

The owner and founder of Model Icon is a success in the industry, and has authored a guidebook to help models improve their talents, and another targeted to helping pageant queens up their interview skills.

These eBooks are available on Amazon.

Fashion Shows

Every model who makes the cut into the Model Squad is able to walk at our runway shows. These events are up-scale professional events designed to showcase designer brands in photos and video that will be seen all over social media and on magazines, as well as used in their portfolios.

The Model Squad enjoys access to branding opportunities, social media exposure on high resolution images, and access to a whole network of industry professionals in a variety of fields.

Model Icon Magazine

Model Icon Magazine is a full color periodical available free online, and in print from HP Magcloud.

The magazine showcases our star models, individuals of talent, and current topics that are affecting the world of fashion.

Private Consultation and Coaching

One on one coaching is the most potent and direct form of training an individual can receive. Model Icon offers coaching and consultation directly to Sherrie Gearheart, who has modeled in the highest level of fashion shows in several countries, and won countless pageant titles.


Renee L.

I was very excited about representing myself, in Model icon fashion show. I thought the show exhibited elegance with style and class. I was very impressed with the designers clothes. I thought they had various looks for all ages and sizes. I can’t wait to walk in another show for them.

Lynn W.

I had the absolute pleasure of being part of Model Icon’s fashion show in 2019 modeling for Marie France. The rehearsals were “spot on” for critiquing what was expected of all models along with being run in a professional manner by Sherrie Gearheart. The fashion show was high class and exciting.

Tyler D.

Being a part of model icon was one of the best things I did, it allowed me to stand up for what I believe in and spreading equality through action. ❤️

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